Make sure to take advantage of 2023 years most crucial meeting point.

Join us for Sveriges Innovationsriksdag! Below you will find the tickets for the event. If you are a member of SISP, click on "SISP member". If you belong to Clusters of Sweden, click on the link under "Clusters of Sweden", and if you are an ecosystem partner in the form of an incubator, science park, state-funded organization or similar, click on "ecosystem partner". Finally, if you belong to any other organization, choose our standard ticket, "Sveriges Innovationsriksdag".

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As a visitor to Sveriges Innovationsriksdag, you will get a complete list of the hotels we recommend with promo codes when ordering your ticket. We recommend booking your hotel stay as soon as you order your ticket.

Hotels we recommend and have teamed up with:

Hotels in citycenter (tramway 5 min + short walk to venue):

Grand Hotel

Hotel Lundia

Hotels in Lund Innovation District (within walking distance to venue):

Elit Hotel Ideon

Motel L

Welcome to Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 2023 in Lund!