The meeting point for regional, national and global innovation

Sveriges Innovationsriksdag is the Swedish industry organization Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) annual meeting arena. An event that brings together the core of Sweden's national and regional profiles from innovation environments, politics, business, academia and society. Those who work to promote, strengthen and develop innovation, business and politics based on current societal challenges.

About Swedish Incubators & Science Parks

Swedish Incubators and Science Parks (SISP) is Sweden’s industry association for incubators and science parks. Through strong collaboration between our members and Sweden’s leading universities, private sector actors, public organizations, and customers, we aim to develop the world’s most effective innovation ecosystem and tackle today’s biggest challenges. SISP offers a wide variety of knowledge-based, growth-oriented business and collaboration opportunities to small and medium sized companies. Our members drive this mission by providing physical meeting places, business development coaching, business angel networks, seed capital funds and much more. We also aim to create synergies between our member organizations to increase support regardless of where these innovative companies are based in Sweden. In order to address today’s global challenges, we also work strategically with international actors to promote the power of innovation worldwide.