Day 3 March 23d
Small stage

Early breakfast session: 
How do we use the power of digital innovation to make Sweden stronger?

Prosperity is built every day. Capturing and utilizing what has created a strong Sweden needs to be done whilst identifying the opportunities of both today and tomorrow by using the possibilities with digitalisation. Google wants to be a part of this journey and take responsibility for society’s development. Do you also want to contribute? Come and listen to Google's Policy Manager Sara Övreby, about how we together could and should build a stronger Sweden.

Sara Överby, Policy Manager, Google
Day 3 March 23d
Main stage

Opening Remarks

Welcome to the final day of Sveriges Innovationsriksdag. After a recap of Day 2’s highlights, we will launch into Day 3’s agenda.

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson
Day 3 March 23d
Main stage - program part of SID

Lund Innovation District and the benefits of the research facilities MAXIV & ESS

The vision for ESS and MAX IV is to create an international, world-leading centre within materials science and life sciences. MAX IV became operational in 2016, and ESS plans to start delivering research in 2025. The facilities will provide Sweden with unique conditions for conducting excellent research and create new opportunities for collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector in order to achieve solutions for sustainable societal development.

Christian Lindfors
CEO, Science Village
Sindra Petersson Årsköld
Senior scientist advisor, ESS
Olof Karis
Latifa Melk, Material Development Expert, Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions
Catarina Sahlberg
Program Director, Big Science Sweden
Carl Johan Fagerström 
CEO, Fagerström Industrikonsult AB
Magnus Fredriksson
Ph.D Program Manager Alfa Laval
10.30 - Experience Exchange Sessions (signup after registration)
Day 3 March 23nd
Various locations (more information TBA)

Let's get topical!

Welcome to open and educational sessions where we address and share experiences regarding the biggest challenges of our time. Executed together with guiding examples from our Swedish science parks and incubators to highlight how they and their innovative companies make significant difference. 

You can choose one of four educational sessions in this block. Each session will feature an interactive format.

Session 1 - People is the most valuable resource for innovation - How to attract and retain talents (Session held in English)

By 2024, we will need more than 70.000 awesome talents to work in tech industries in Sweden.

Shared experiences on initiatives to attract and retain talents to Sweden.

Presentation from Switch to Sweden a national initiative, a project based on skills and motivation factors to match companies and international academic talents who are already in Sweden

Followed by regional initiatives and testimonials from talents and corporates.

Anna Broeders, Linköping Science Park
Linda Schön Doroci, Business Area Director, Swedish public employment service
Magdalena Cridford, Marketing Manager, Invest in Skåne
Lisa Andersson, International Talent & Business Attraction Manager
Florian Marcard, Vice President Engineering and Head of Bosch R&D Center Lund
Frida Fossland, Project Manager, Region Västerbotten
Dan Vikström, HR Manager, Acorai
Malin Wilson, Project Manager, Swedish Institute

Hanna Wiljebrand, program manager, STEP

Session 2 - We want to make Sweden a leading country, not only for startups, but also for scaling business (Session held in Swedish)

Hur gör vi Sverige till det ledande landet, inte bara för nystartade företag, utan också för skalning av företag?

Erfarenheter och dialog om vägen framåt för Sveriges stöd till scaleups.

Navigatorprogrammet - ett lyckat projekt på Ideon Science Park, som nu rullar ut i fler science parks

Swedish Scaleups - framgångsrikt samverkansprojekt mellan Create Business Incubator, Inkubera, Eskilstuna Kommun, Norrköping Science Park, Linköping Science Park, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Lead, Vreta Kluster och Västerås Science Park.

Forest Business Accelerator - ett samarbete mellan SCA, IBM, Processum och BizMaker för skalande bolag med potential att förnya skogsindustrin.

VINNOVA - det nationella perspektivet, drivkrafter och förutsättningar för scaleups. Hur ska vi fortsätta utveckla ett gynnsamt ekosystem för scaleups.

Anette Rudin, Ordförande, Navigator Stiftelsen
Mia Rolf, CMO, Wihlborgs
Lena Miranda, VD, Linköping Science Park
Matts Nyman, VD, Bizmaker
Per Sevrell, CEO, Elastic Move
Kjell-Håkan Närfelt, Vinnova
Jakob Lindvall, Moderator

Session 3 - Equitable innovation support through coordination between national and regional actors: How do we design the food support system for both innovation and growth? (Session held in Swedish)

Produktion, konsumtion och värdekedjor inom planetens gränser kräver ett smartare nyttjande av befintliga resurser såväl som en stor dos innovation. Idag är stora delar av stödsystemet avgränsat utifrån geografi eller bransch. Ska vi kunna möta samhällsutmaningarna behöver vi jobba smartare och kunna ge våra entreprenörer rätt stöd vid rätt tidpunkt i deras utveckling oavsett geografisk hemvist. Det kräver omtag för hur stödsystemet idag är organiserat. Välkommen att ta del av analys och exempel från Livsmedelsbranschen.

Christian Nyhlén, CEO, Krinova Incubator & Science Park
Hannes van Lunteren, Business Designer, Head of Krinova Food, Krinova Incubator & SciencePark
Marie Gidlund, Verksamhetsledare Sweden Food Arena
Margareta Wallentén, Project Manager, Innovation Skåne
Emelie Olsson, Innovation Manager Food, Innovation Skåne

Session 4 - Public procurement as an innovation engine (Session held in Swedish)

Public sector has a huge potential to drive innovation and transformation. In Sweden alone, public procurement is worth over 800 billion annually, and if we look at the entire EU, public procurement covers almost 14% of the EU's GDP. The strategic use of innovation procurement is emphasized to an increasing extent at all governance levels to meet the societal challenges and to take advantage of the innovative capacity that exists in both companies and the public sector. 

"It is crucial for society's development that business's innovation potential is released and utilized through public procurement."

This is how the importance of achieving innovation procurement is formulated in the National Procurement Strategy (Government Offices of the Ministry of Finance). 

So how do we increase the public sector's demand for innovations?

Join us for an inspiring session with a focus on concrete tools and methods that can be used to be used in different settings and at different stages.

You will get to listen to concrete cases and learnings - from startups who have  actively been collaborating with public sector actors and from municipalities that are at the forefront when it comes to startup collaboration.

Mikaela Färnqvist, Project Manager, Ignite Public, Kista Science City
Marie-Louise Eriksson, Senior Manager, PCP Boost
Johan Henricson, CEO, StudyBee & Partner, Djäkne Startup Studio
Thomas Strandberg, VD, Parlametric
Fred Kjellson, Innovationsledare Hälsa, Innovation Skåne
Knut Mårtensson, CEO, miThing
Tommy Boije, Intraprenör på Hbg Works, Helsingborgs Stad
Louise Felldin, Näringslivsdirektör, Linköpings kommun

Lina Svensberg, Innovations Manager, Compare

Day 3 March 23rd
Main stage

Are we up for the challenge of leading future innovation?

Sweden has landed at the top of European innovation. Reasons for this include a historic tradition of inventors, a commitment to gender equality, democracy and a strong belief in the individual. Numerous Swedish inventions from the last 4 centuries have made our lives easier. Startups from Ideon Science Park alone, has given birth to Bluetooth, the first Inhalator for asthma medicine and facial recognition technology, just to mention a few. We cannot innovate the future, nor define the innovations in the coming 40 years - global challenges are. Therefore, more than ever, collaboration with an open and curious mindset are needed. This is how we do it.

Marie Wall, Deputy Director
Swedish Ministry of Climate and Enterprise
Stina Lantz, Acting CEO, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks
Anders Cronholm
CEO, Blekinge Business Incubator & chairman of the board, SISP
Day 3 March 23rd
Street food court


Inspira café & restaurant
14.00 - shared elements with Sweden Innovation Days (SID)
Day 3 March 23d
Small stage

Watch Sweden Innovation Days

Want more inspiring keynotes, panel discussions and interviews, Day 3 of Sweden Innovation Days’ Main stage program begins at 14:00! You can enjoy the final day of this digital event as it broadcasts in our Sweden Innovation Days lounge.